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      2. Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

        Events & Weddings

        A perfect venue for your wedding, reception or any special occasion, you and your guests will feel as though you have discovered a secret garden.

        Under a canopy of oaks and sycamores, imagine sparkling lights reflected in serene ponds, music along the paths and a memorable event for everyone.

        Event Venue Rental

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        Venue Details

        Pasadena’s Historic Jewel.
        Your Premier Event Venue.

        For those seeking a unique destination, the garden is the perfect location for a variety of events and professional shoots.

        The garden offers numerous possibilities, within a uniquely designed, two acre property. Originally part of a larger private estate, the garden retains its ambiance of secluded serenity.

        An authentic teahouse is a highlight of the garden, romantically situated overlooking a quiet pond. Winding paths lead to various gathering points and vistas, under spreading sycamores and old oaks.

        In addition to the garden and teahouse, the property includes a home, now used as a convenient staging, meeting and event space. The garden can accommodate up to 150 guests.

        270 Arlington Drive
        Pasadena, California 91105
        E-mail: info@japanesegardenpasadena.com
        Telephone: +1 (626) 399-1721
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        Photography & Filming

        The garden landscape presents a variety of dramatic and beautiful settings for photography and filming.

        There are multiple small staging areas throughout the site that facilitate creative use.

        Significant details of the garden, including its large teahouse, natural paths, Japanese bridges and granite statuary all enhance the views, as well as the possibilities.

        Location Rental Fees
        Happy Client Testimonials
        More Testimonials…