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      2. Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

        Become a Garden Volunteer

        ?Submit Our Garden Volunteer Application

        Where To Find Us

        If you need additional information, please visit our Getting Here page for more details and maps, including local streets and freeways, plus available public transportation options.

        270 Arlington Drive
        Pasadena, California 91105
        E-mail: info@japanesegardenpasadena.com
        Telephone: +1 (626) 399-1721
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        Garden Volunteer Application

        First & Last Name: * Address: * Phone: * E-mail: *
        How did you learn about volunteer opportunities at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden?
        Why do you want to be a volunteer?
        The following volunteer positions are available: *
        1) Docents lead garden tours and serve as educators for the public
        2) General Volunteers perform a variety of tasks to help with Open Days and other operating needs of the garden
        3) Event Assistants help with the garden’s cultural events and fundraisers
        4) Garden Assistants perform gardening during available hours (Tues, Thurs & Sat, 9am to 4pm)
        5) Retail Salesperson for Takara-ten Garden Shop (Wed, Thurs & Fri, 11am to 3pm)
        When can you start and what days/times are you available?
        Describe your volunteer, community service and work experience: *
        Highest Education Attained: school(s), degree(s) and major (if applicable)
        Additional experience, hobbies, etc.
        In case of emergency, contact the following person(s): *
        *Required Fields

        Volunteer Application submitted!
        We will be in touch soon.